Depression/ PTSD and Fear of returning

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Depression/ PTSD and Fear of returning

Hi, I am a 30 year old Married man with two kids who had testicular cancer. I was, in the big scheme very lucky Caught early and between surgery and chemotherapy I got the all clear.  Mentally though I took a big hit, I was young, fit and healthy I never even thought about cancer.

2 years on my scans still show all clear, bloods good, testosterone normal. Yet I still live with the fear of return. Every ache and pain in my Irrational mind At least might be cancer, and I better be safe than sorry because if I don’t check well maybe This time  it might be too late!


Because I was unwilling to accept I had PTSD/depression And didn’t seek help I leant on my beautiful wife for support always looking for reassurance. Over 2 years this has sapped her will and has taken her and my spark away. Without even realising it I dragged her down, and stopped being me.  It took her almost breaking down and her needing space for me to actually realise what was happening. I am now seeking help, I’m looking for a good psychologist, I am admitting I have a problem, I will be proud of me for committing to becoming the old me again and I won’t be a victim anymore!


please I would love to hear from anyone who is going or has gone through this, and if you have any advice. Also if your reading this, and this is you but you don’t want to talk please know your not alone.


thanks for listening 

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Re: Depression/ PTSD and Fear of returning


I'm sorry to hear about the cancer and the effect that it's had on your life.

It's a bit of a double whammy.


Have had help yet or you are still looking?

Cancer council has some resources listed here.

Usually the best place to start is with your GP and ask for a referral to a psychologist.


I hope things improve for you.

Best of luck,




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Re: Depression/ PTSD and Fear of returning



Yes I have seen my Gp and booked in with a psychologist. It will get better and I am committed to being the best me I can. Thanks for your reply and thoughts. Things will improve and no matter what I feel they will work out for the best. It will just take time and effort. I think real meaningful change always does. (Not speaking from experience though 😂)

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