PET scan highlighted an area in my chest


PET scan highlighted an area in my chest

I had my last pet scan in November 2019 that showed that all lymphomas had gone, which was fantastic after 6 rounds of chemo.   The only thing it did show was a highlighted area in my chest.  The doctor does not think it is lymphoma but a chest infection, but with the bushfires and smoke around my chest gets tight.  The trouble with a petscan they can show false/positive readings.  Before I got diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2019 I was in hospital with pneumonia, could this be it again.  I dont know what to think.  The cancer doctor doesnt think it is, my GP last time just said it was a virus and brushed it off but it became serious.


 I would appreciate some advice.






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Re: PET scan highlighted an area in my chest

Hi debbiev,

At the very least, I would get a second opinion from a different GP, just to put my mind at rest. There's no harm in checking again.

All the best
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