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Help for people affected by cancer experiencing legal & financial strain.

Dealing with cancer can present significant financial challenges that can add unnecessary strain to an already stressful situation.   Some states and territories in Australia have financial counselling available, to provide practical advice to assist people with managing their finances. Often this is done by working with community organisations that assist people in financial difficulty, especially those on lower incomes.   Our financial counsellors act as an advocate for those facing financial risks, and act as a negotiator by providing a free service to their clients.   This may be by helping you: Manage your debts Helping you set a budget Assisting by liaising with your creditors Applying for changes to mortgage payments if working is not an option Providing you with information about your rights as a consumer. This may be conducted over the phone or face to face. Note: At this time, financial counselling is only available in some states and territories. Please call 13 11 20 for further information.
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by Valued Contributor September 2020
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