Brain tumor - looking for advices

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Brain tumor - looking for advices

Hello everyone

I just want ask brief question here. It is my first post so... 

  Is Any body facing issue with balance ? Because of cerebellum tumor. (  Anaplastic astrocytoma) did  anyone had it and improved their balance and can get back normal movement? Having radiation and now on chemo and physical therapy for twice in week (4months) and still not improving at all.  Had only  biopsy surgery 7 months ago and balance gone bad. 

thank you everyone! 
stay safe! 

Cancer Council Team

Re: Brain tumor - looking for advices

Hi @Larama and welcome to our community 😊


That doesn't sound like much fun. Have you had chat with your oncologist or treatment team about your balance issues?


Has anyone here had any experience with balance issues at all?





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