Cancer gives you unexpected little victories

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Cancer gives you unexpected little victories

They don't mention this in the instructional pamphlet, but cancer really does give you absurd and unexpected little victories once you're into your own personal 'overtime'.


For me, I'm 2 years past my use-by, and hoping for at least another fifteen (age 47 with 3 young kids).


Right now, a plumber is removing the toilet from my house, replacing it with a new one.


The old thing was a porcelan veteran, having seated 50 years worth of bums.  He was probably installed back in the late 60s or early 70s, when the house was built.  A silent tear is drizzling down my face as I think of his honourable service and wish him well in his retirement.  


BUT .. our relationship was not always collegial.  Thanks to cancer, I have many times found myself kneeling before him, vomitting - pain, blood, all the worst things you could associate with a toilet.  Further, chemotherapy can commonly induce constipation - for me it most certainly did.  Sometimes I'd be sitting on my old friend and it would feel like my bottom is being shredded, like I was trying to poo out a house brick.  More pain, blood, bad associations.


And now he's gone, currently being replaced with a shiny new model.


So ... I beat my toilet.   It's a victory.   I was on the ropes for a while there, but I outlived my toilet.


Now, my eyes shift sideways to the microwave.  


I have cancer.  I have hopes of outliving my appliances.


I hope you do too !  Never give up hope.

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Re: Cancer gives you unexpected little victories

Congratulations on beating your loo @CaptainAustrali Heart

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Re: Cancer gives you unexpected little victories

That was magnificent.  Thanks you so much for posting this! 🌻🌸

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