The Art Corner : Cancer Creations

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The Art Corner : Cancer Creations

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It's my understanding that during treatment and recovery there are probably quite a lot of folks who take up a new hobby.  I see two extremely healthy reasons for doing this:


1) Distracting yourself:  whether it's during the awful treatment phase, recovery, or just simply trying not to dwell too much on cancer, a creative hobby can help take your mind somewhere more positive.


2) Defying cancer:  choosing a new hobby or undertaking is a way to say "Eff you, cancer !"

(note I don't give cancer a capital "C", it's just a word, no longer a (death) sentence)


Taking up a creative hobby is great, taking one up post-cancer is a way of defiantly choosing life & hope (in my mind at least).  It's a way of saying "I intend to survive and thrive, I am capable of surprises, taking on new things, I will become a great painter/poet/musician, cancer won't stop me"


I think that is a great way of thinking, and my hope is that there are a bunch of folks in the C-Club (s-s-stutter) quietly pursuing new interests.


What I thought might be cool is to have a place to share them ?  No shame, no judgement, just a healthy way for a bunch of folks to share a good hearty "Eff You!" to cancer.


Me, for example, I started the guitar about 18 months after treatment.  I'm no great shakes with it yet, but I'm gradually improving.  I'll never be able to go on Australian Idol or The Voice or whatever (heh funny thought though - "The Voice: Old Fogeys With Cancer Edition".  


For you it might be pottery, or painting, basket weaving, gardening.  Any new endeavour that you've thrown yourself into after cancer.


Why don't we use this space to share video / images / stories / whatever of our experience ?


I thought that would be extremely healthy because:


- it might inspire someone struggling or cheer someone who is sad

- it gives us a safe place to share our barely competent new struggles without millenials giggling at us and starting memes on Reddit

- it might help motivate us to continued and better efforts in our areas of interest

- it might scare and intimidate existing cancer, or the positive vibes might prevent future cancer

- it might help motivate OTHERS who are a bit adrift and bereft to find a positive/constructive outlet

- Elton John or some other super-rich artiste might notice, and donate a billion or two to our art corner, of which I will take my 20% off the top to kill my mortgage.

- Overcoming or fighting against symptoms and side effects (for me, for example, it's saliva and dry mouth from radiation.  I shouldn't sing, and it was really hard at first.  Eff you, cancer !  I will sing !)

- it might scare our relatives


I'm not quite ready to start yet, but I might upload a video here at some stage for anyone curious enough to hear me mangle a few songs on the guitar.  If you also are pursuing some new hobby, I'd encourage you to share your experiences here.  Who knows, it might inspire somebody ?

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Re: The Art Corner : Cancer Creations

Oh I like this idea! 🌟


Can't wait to see what people contribute!

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