Fears - cancer-related fears and what to do about them


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Hi Christine89, Your comment on cancer statistics reminded me of a check I had a couple of years ago. I have had treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I have breast cancer screening as part of my follow up routine. This particular check up my usual surgeon was away so I saw a different surgeon. I think that this person's intention was to reinforce the importance of breast cancer screening but all she managed to do was frighten me. This person felt that I was at an extremely high risk of developing breast cancer and listed all the reasons why (the complete opposite of what my radiation oncologist had said prior to commencing radiotherapy). She capped this off with the comment that "We always see this happen at the ten year mark. But don't worry, we always get the cancer in the early stages." I felt extremely frightened and upset. I felt like I was being treated like a walking doomed woman. I am now a couple of years post that particular appointment (and no I haven't developed breast cancer!). I feel very anxious whenever I do review appointments. One of the things I am trying very hard not to do is predict what might happen at my appointments. I don't know what the future holds so I really don't know that I am definitely going to get bad news. I have decided to use the same strategy with negative doctors and statistics. They do not have a crystal ball and they do not know what my future holds. Not knowing what the future holds feels ok with me sometimes.
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