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Hi i have thyroid cancer have had treatment but still scared is it worth talking to someone as there are times when i think why me, and i start to cry, my family are not much help, my son said one in three people that i know will have cancer, so am not surprised and i thought one of my parents would end up with cancer. My husband tries but he is not one to be very supportive ever. love him to death but i need the support, my daughter tries but she has enough on her plate at the moment being a single mum with two small children and the ex from hell. I am trying to be the strong one for them, but i find that i need someone to be strong for me, i have not rung the cancer foundation and spoken to anyone but as my cancer does not seem to be a bad as other people i feel like a fraud sometimes, when the reality is we are all in the same boat with that word hanging over us. i realise that it does not need to be a death sentence but it is scarey to say the least and my doctors although they are very good, are also very impersonal and i feel just a number sometimes. does anyone else out there feel the same way. i need someone to be there for me, so i thought i would share my feelings on this site and hopefully get something from it. hope to hear from someone..
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