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Hi all, I have had abnormal cervical cells Cin 2 on and off for 10 years, have had 2 letz procedures and am looking at having my cervix and uterus removed next year as last results from letz confirmed Cin 2. Im a little scared as I dont know how invasive having my uterus and cervix removed will be and even though I have 3 kids, I thought at the age of 27 I could have that option later to have more if I wanted. Mostly I just feel scared that I'm not in control of my body anymore and would love to chat to other women going through this or have been through this, Thanks! xo
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Hi There, Wow - 3 kids at what some would say is a young age (27) in today's society... that's really wonderful. Good for you, I'm sure they'll be wonderful support no matter what decision you chose. I'm 31 and I've just had my first daughter with my wife who is 32. I can't comment directly on what your expiriencing - but I wanted to welcome you to the forum and encourage you, if you haven't already, just to browse through the other replies/questions and blog posts by members. It helps to talk with people and it can actually help give you a little peace of mind while you've obviously got a lot on your plate. So sorry - I'm a male and don't have any knowledge what so ever what you're discussing 🙂 ... but I did, for what its worth, want to say G'day here and now and wish you the best of luck
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