Hpv cancer

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Hpv cancer

Hi diagnosed in2016 had 6 weeks radio. Now in April 2019 still have side affects . Anyone else?

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Re: Hpv cancer

How are you doing today @Stan?


That doesn't sound too good if you're still experiencing side effects!! Have you been back to your GP or your oncologist and spoken with them about it? 



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Re: Hpv cancer

Buddy, almost exact same boat.  You just have to adapt and live within the 'new normal' as they say.

Diagnosed Sep 2016, HPV+ tonsil cancer.


Loss of taste, the whole nine yards ..

Thyroid damage from the radiation, weight loss & gain, all kinds of weird unexpected health issues ..


... all minor in comparison to the alternative (death).


I'd suggest try to focus on the gratitude of still being alive and push through .. do whatever you can to minimise or mitigate the side effects.


But yep, almost 3 years out:

- thyroid damage causes weight gain, weight gain creates new problems

- taste still not fully returned

- dry mouth still a daily problem

- dry airways contribute to mucus problems, which trigger vomitting (made worse by GERD from the weight gain)

- other stuff


Best not to focus on it Smiley Happy

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Re: Hpv cancer

Hi captain. Thanks for your reply,just thought I was an odd one out but these side effects seem quite common and without a shadow of a doubt far better than the alternative .once again thanks for reply.Smiley Happy

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