I think we should start a Cult. (I know, I know, hear me out)

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I think we should start a Cult. (I know, I know, hear me out)

As cancer survivors, it's easy to see yourself as a victim, to focus on the adversity you face, rather than the advantages that are available to you.


I would posit that some of our shared advantages (as survivors) probably position us pretty well to start a Cult.  (name & purpose of the cult to be discussed).




- generally, I think it's fair to say that surviving cancer gives you a new perspective on life.  I think as cancer survivors, we might be more willing to unify around the common theme of our hard-earned wisdom, more ready to see each other as peers, a bit like how soldiers bond in battle .... and have each others back in a 'culty' way

- as cancer survivors, we've had to look death in the face, we are able to see past frivolous things and have the potential to be quite resolute and focussed

- fellow cult-members with darker prognoses will be less risk adverse and also potentially less concerned about long term stuff like credit-scores, and therefore an immediate source of cult revenues

- departing members can bequest various property(ies) and assets to the cult


Now .. to the purpose of the cult..


I'm not 100% sure, honestly.  


Most cults are about raking in the cash (in my opinion).  Maybe also doing the horizontal mamba, the ole rumpy-pumpy, a bit of the old bedroom rodeo, you know - bow-chicka-wow-wow, a bit of the ole entangling of the lower beards, you know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink, say n'more, a bit of the old slipping the sausage between the buns, you know what I mean ?  Stuffing the taco, taking the bald headed gnome for a stroll into the misty forest ..... and so forth, sorry, I'll stop...

(since chemo, I can get muddled, ramble, and say shit purely for my own amusement :/)


Anyways, I just thought I'd throw the idea out into the void .. or if you prefer, run it up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes.


But yeah, purpose and name of the cult is something we'd need to explore in detail, please reply if you have any ideas, I'm thinking something like:


NAME: The C-Team

MISSION: solving mysteries & vigilante crime-fighting, a bit like a sickbed version of the A-Team or Mission Impossible


NAME:  The Bonded CS Illuminati

MISSION:  protect vulnerable cancer sufferers & survivors, grow massive amounts of wealth, fund cancer research, also ride around in solid gold limousines


Dunno, that's me tapped out.  Also, I'm not voluntering as Cult Leader, but I'd be happy to play a central role ... ahh .. ahem .. treasurer maybe ?

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Re: I think we should start a Cult. (I know, I know, hear me out)

An interesting idea @CaptainAustraliSmiley Very Happy

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Re: I think we should start a Cult. (I know, I know, hear me out)

Love the idea

Name - The Invincibiles. 

Mission - To raise and support the vulnerable


The C Team. 



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Re: I think we should start a Cult. (I know, I know, hear me out)

Sorry mate ....


Although I applaud the enthusiasm, that's entirely too up-beat and positive for a Cult.


We may have different ideas of what a Cult (capital "C") is, so I thought I'd lay down a few of the overt themes.


1) quasi-religious mumbo-jumbo.  It can actually be anti-religious or neutral or pro-, anti- creator.  For instance, Scientology focuses on personal audits, self improvement and fleecing people of cash, they do mention quasi-religious stuff from time to time (they have a recruiting film where they compare L Ron Hubbard to Jesus, believe it or not).  But yeah ... I think ... RITUAL .. that's the important word, it needs a sense of RITUAL in it's purpose. 


2) Robes.  They're actually not strictly mandatory, but I personally think flowing voluminous robes is absolutely the way to go.  Creepy black hooded robes ?  Yeah !  Scruffy grey jedi-style robes ?  Sure !  Normal Civilian clothing but a mantle with long purple capes that LOOK like robes ?  AbsoLUTELY !


3) Hierarchy.  There needs to be a rigid organisational structure, ideally around a titular figurehead.  Note I don't say "leader" although they may actually be called "SupremeLeader" or something like that ... *I* will in fact be the  behind-the-scenes-lead-from-the-shadows Leader (and finacier).  But yeah, we need like a Grand Wizard, a tier of middle managing Elder Wizards, something like that.


4) Rumpy Pumpy.  Refer original post, I think that at least some level of nudity needs to creep in there.


5) Cash.  Call it tithes or whatnot, but yeah, the money needs to roll through our Cult, ideally with some kind of tax-haven or church-style tax exemption.


6) A Cool name.  Totally essential.  


Agree or disagree, that's OK.


If we can't reach consensus and a shared vision, there's NO WAY we'd achieve the level of group hypnosis and hysteria needed for a really good old-fashioned crackerjack Cult anyways.


Kind Regards


The Ultimate Grand Panda

of the .. Church Heuristic Ancient Oncology Survivors (doesnt work but (6b) is to have your name spell something out, ie C.H.A.O.S.)

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Re: I think we should start a Cult. (I know, I know, hear me out)

Fair call
I do like your style.
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