Invitation: Young Adults Research Project


Invitation: Young Adults Research Project

Hi All, There may be some people who are interested in particpating in the following study, looking at the experiences of young adult cancer survivors. Cheers, Kate and Felix “Conceptualising meaning in life: The experiences of young adult cancer survivors” Young Adult survivors currently living in the Sydney or Brisbane areas are invited to participate in a research study exploring the experience of cancer survivorship and finding meaning and purpose in life. Participation will involve: • An informal 1 hour interview (approx) during which participants are free to share and disclose as little or as much information as they would like. Participant Inclusion Criteria: • Currently aged between 18 - 40 years • Cancer diagnosis between 15 - 29 years of age • Have been at least two years in remission • Are from Australia, England, or the United States • Are able to read, write and speak English. Benefits of the study: It is expected that the research findings of this project will not benefit participants directly; however participants may enjoy the opportunity to talk about their experiences. The knowledge gained from this research may be used to develop supportive care programs which will benefit other young survivors in the future. To download an information sheet about the research study and how to participate:
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