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I received my diagnosis four weeks ago ..... breast cancer ..... contained they think ... had biopsy and lumpectomy..... usuals .... 2 ops in 4 days later was discharged yesterday.... finding it all very difficult ...  husband and i argued yesterday. He said he had enough of all this stuff .... it was too much for him. Medical oncologist rang asking to see me today. I get in the shower this morning after removing the binding they had me in and dissolve in tears ...... im covered in bruising and bloodied dressings from the surgeries.

I thought i would have a good day when i woke this morning ...... and now my mind is clouded with all this stuff ..... is this life as i am to know it for the near future?

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Re: Life?

I can't speak for breast cancer, my experience is a different one.


But I can say with confidence:  your husband is a pratt.


As a cancer sufferer, we deserve (and need) the support of our loved ones, and sure, he may be stressed and afraid and forced to confront the idea of losing you .. so it might be genuine sweetness underneath the bad behaviour .. but snapping at someone with cancer in a kind of "snap out of it, I'm sick of this" way ... that's just beyond **bleep**, it's pretty appalling.


I'd take a breath, face it each day at a time, and ask for the help and support that you need.

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Re: Life?

Bravesthuman I really feel for you as at your most critical time when you need someone that someone isn't there to help, join your local cancer support group and you have the use of a physcologist as well at your local cancer clinic. When first diagnosed with bladder cancer a year ago my family showed their colours and where by my side and have been throughout, a couple of so called friends have dropped off but true friends are still there. Hold your head up and fight this set back as that's what it is and you will get back on track again, cancer is the worst thing to have but don't let it beat you.

Love & Best Wishes


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