Relationship struggles with best friend

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Re: Relationship struggles with best friend

Hi Phil, 


Happy New Year!

I hope you’re well. I’ve been away for quite sometime and I wanted to thank you very much for your last message to me. Thank you for giving me a different perspective...apologies for not replying sooner.


My best friend and I are doing well now...Since I last posted Ive come to realise many things about myself..... and in this process I knew needed to change my thinking and my focus. Going through this cancer journey has awakened me and made me feel more present than I ever did in my whole life. I now understand that the fears and anger I was so carefully trying to disguise was finding ways to lash out. It wasn’t about her, it was all about me. She was only doing her best to care for me, love me and she was scared as well.


I’ll continue to do my best to understand others around me and how this affects them. thank you again for your kind words and understanding. 

Tarari x




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