lɛftəʊvə my Prostate Cancer update

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lɛftəʊvə my Prostate Cancer update

Been a while since I wandered in here.  I get bloods sampled ever year and Doc says my PSA levels are below normal for my age of 69 years young.  At least my Doctor has changed a few things in his clinic after my dose of Cancer was finally picked up as no one was taken any notice of my blood sample results for quite a few years.  New Doctor called me in for a chat that changed my world and sent me 600 kms west for a long visitation to a Perth hospital. Never really got over the radiotherapy treatment but at least it worked or like others around town I probably would be worse off.  


How are the rest of the prostate cancer patients doing out there?

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Re: lɛftəʊvə my Prostate Cancer update



I don't wander in here often either, after initially telling my story, but I do have a look from time to time. Anyways...I guess I'm technically still a patient, I underwent a radical prostatectomy seven years ago at age 52. It wasn't entirely successful and my PSA never fell to anywhere near zero. I then underwent salvage radiotherapy, I think it was 34 sessions, in early 2016. PSA then fell enough to allow my follow-ups from 2017 to be spaced out to annually. My PSA nadir was  0.04 in mid 2018. It has been rising since, I am now on 3-monthly blood tests and follow ups and officially have what is called a biochemical recurrence. I have undergone two PET scans since early 2021 which showed nothing, and my latest PSA reading is 0.43, which is still a small number but is a 10-fold increase in 4 years. The last two results have actually shown that the reading is plateauing, but it is still rising. I am now facing the prospect of starting hormone therapy in 3 or 6 months time, depending on my next reading and possibly another scan, although I can insist on starting it anytime I wish. I am symptom free, but live with the common side effects of the surgery and the radiation.

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