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Hi all. I hope you’re all doing well or the best you can.
I’m a 27 year old female with 2 kids. 1 year old and a 6 year old. Beautiful kids. 

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma but very lucky as it was stage 2 which was found out a couple of months ago.


The thing I noticed first was the night sweats, fatigue and a lump growing on my neck near my collar bone.
Yesterday was my 10th treatment and I have 2 to go, thank goodness. To be honest I think the chemo makes you sick the most. 


I am so very upset these days but I am very grateful as well but the chemotherapy took a part of me that I feel I will never get back. I have no hair on my head as it had to be shaved off. I lost my eyebrows, my eyelashes fell out and I’m just constantly sick. I have chemo brain and find it difficult concentrating. The fatigue is draining, I sleep, wake up and nothing feels like it’s changed, I’m still tired… I also have lost my self esteem and confidence. I can’t remember things most days and have no idea what I’m doing. I normally just space out here and there and I’m very emotional all the time. 

It’s hard, it’s so hard but you just have to hang in there and keep pushing through. Remember why you’re there or who you’re doing it for….

Yes I am grateful to be alive but apart of me just feels gone. Hopefully it all grows back. I cocoon and turn into something beautiful with a new start for myself. 

This is just my little story I wanted to share. I wish you all the very best with your treatments and sending you all lots of support and good vibes.
Thank you. 

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Hello Leestarx, so sorry to hear you’re so unwell with the treatment. I had 6 rounds of RCHOP chemo for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma this year. Some cycles were worse than others but it has got rid of the cancer so it was worth it as I hope it is for you. I lost my hair which has grown back now but it’s different and it still doesn’t feel like me but then I think it’s the new me, a scar of this ordeal. Hope you’ve got someone looking after you and your little ones. I know it’s bad but your treatment will be finished soon and you will start to feel better and your hair will grow back. Sending you love and prayers. Let us know how you are doing. Xx Linda G 💕

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Sorry to hear about your side effects during your treatments. 

I can see why you feel the way you do about losing your hair. 

I'm still waiting to see what I have.  By end of next week I should know .

If its cancer I'm hoping it is Hopkins. From my research it's very treatment able. I feel in my heart it's just going to be stage 1. My doctor's have been amazing. My first doctor visit was 3 weeks ago. My surgery is this Wednesday. 

I do feel quilty that I'm getting great treatment and I'm going to be fine when so many young people are very bad off. 

I'm a 55 year old grandfather of 4. With 4 great adult children and a great wife. 

I wish I could trade places with someone who hasn't had the chance to be a grandparent. 

Stay strong. Enjoy every day with your kids. 

They grow up so quick. 

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