Bowel cancer chemo treatment again

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Bowel cancer chemo treatment again

I had bowel cancer removed April 2021 and chemo for 6 months after the operation My last chemo was On Christmas Eve 2021 I really thought I have done it because I felt good went back working life was looking up but now everything is crashing down I had couple of scans what came up with cancer in 2 lymph nodes One close to the lung one in the bowel area doctor said they can't operate or do radiation therapy so they going to try another 6 months of chemo I'm lost and confused and scared the first time I had Chemo I was okay and didn't think Of anything but now I'm falling apart crying at different times it just happens I don't wont to be dying at my first chemo I had to use my super to pay rent and bills but now I have nothing unfortunately centre Link payment won't be enough to cover my rent and bills so another thing on my mind I could loose everything now I don't want to move from where I live last chemo treatment I didn't work for 9 months if this happens again I'm sinking down a black hole and no idea how to get out 

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Re: Bowel cancer chemo treatment again


This is really tough. I'm very sorry to hear this. Sometimes life deals us some pretty tough blows.


I would give CancerCouncil a call and see if they are able to help. They may well be able to put you in touch with an organisation that can help you.

Try calling centrelink and explain your circumstances.


Oh - and see if you can get a 2nd opinion.


Hopefully there is additional help that a government agency or a charity can help provide to you in these circumstances.


Good luck and keep us posted on how you go.



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