Prostrate camcer re-occurence

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Prostrate camcer re-occurence

Hi, my partner, (he's 64),  had a robotic radical prostatectomy in 2019 & his PSA was undetectable until sbout 12-18 months ago. It has been doubling every 3 months, even though still quite low ie; 0.11, most recent result, he has been referred for Radiation treatment  (6 weeks -  every day)

He also has an inguinal hernia, which isn't causing him any pain, but he has been referred to a surgeon  for assessment as to whether the hernia needs repairong prior to the radiation treatment.

The Radiation Oncologist had given him an option of Surveillance for 3 - 6 months, as his PSA level is quite low, but, my partner wants to start the radiation treatment ASAP.

I am very anxious & concerned for him, if he  was to go ahead with the radiation treatment, if he would be acting too hastily, as he may be facing hernia surgery & Androgen Deprivation Therapy in the interim

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Re: Prostrate camcer re-occurence

Hi @Halfglassfull2 

I'm sorry to hear about your partner. I hope you are otherwise well.

In regards to the surgery and radiation treatment, might be a good idea to talk to his doctor with him.

Might want to consider how the radiation treatment might effect his immune system and whether that increases any infect risks associated with the surgery or vice versa.

Good luck!



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