Cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer

I'm 47 years had stage 3 cervical cancer just finished chemo and radiation thought l would relived it's finished but lm so depressed

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Re: Cervical cancer


I'm very sorry to hear about your cancer and especially your depression.

Everything (The cancer, the treatment and the side effects) are so difficult to deal with on top of each other.

I would advise you to consider calling the cancer council support hotline.



Everything adds up and sometime the challenges can fells so difficult to deal with. And that's OK.

How are you going with side effects?

Would you like to tell me some more about your story and how you got here?


Best of luck,



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Re: Cervical cancer

46 and halfway through the same Cancer, diagnosed officially when the doc pulled her finger out in March so similar to you, would be happy to chat if you are still interested 🙂

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