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Hello all, 


I've recently been diagnosed with Cancer and am about to start a rather rigorous cycle of Chemo due to the type of cancer they found. 

My question is so superficial that I'm embarassed to even ask it but I figure, if not here, where...so please forgive me and here goes...

I just wondered what you did (if anything) with loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. I mean, can you go to beauticians to get them or do you have to wait until chemo is finished? I've always had long dark eyelashes so I have no idea how false ones work, do you have to have eyelashes to begin with? 

Sorry again but would love to hear any suggestions. I'm in Sydney.



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Re: Eyelashes/eybrows

Hi Sue67, I lost all my hair 2 weeks into chemo for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The cancer council were so supportive and I was able to get a wig and other turbans. Just give them a ring and they will help you with your questions. I didn’t loose my eyebrows or eyelashes. My regret was that I didn’t get my hair cut off before the chemo and just had it come out in handfuls. That was 2 years ago and it’s grown back beautifully!  Nothing to feel embarrassed about asking questions about anything. The cancer council also do a workshop called Look Good Feel Better which gives you all the tips you need for eyebrows and makeup etc.   Sending you lots of love and prayers 🙏💕. Linda G

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Re: Eyelashes/eybrows

Hi @LindaG The Cancer Patients Foundation actually runs the Look Good Feel Better program 🙂 


@Sue67  not a superficial question at all - it's one of the most common concerns! We'd be happy to help with information about how you can manage loss of eyebrow and eyelashes. You can visit lgfb.org.au or give us a call on 1800 650 960 🙂

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