I found my parter have bone metastasized cancer


I found my parter have bone metastasized cancer

I’m blessed to see that is so much support for cancer care givers we have 26 year’s married with Diane. We are in the stage for to see the oncologist. We live in Davenport Florida 33837. I can’t believe this is happening Diane is an SLP and equestrian athletic body and mind.
I’m in shock crying when and where I can including walking my dog. Diane is emotionally in much better shape than me she is strong and spiritual person. My stress now is that we need to find the source of her metastasized bone cancer in the hip and pelvis. We were referred by her Orthopedist who found the cancer through an MRI to this well known place. I had bad experience with the secretary who said don’t have openings until the middle of February. She said to me: “You need to wait like everybody”

The Florida Cancer have the referral with MRI and orthopedist notes. The secretary said: “the doctor first will read the paperwork and we will call you with your appointment” and by the way Diane have very good medical and supplement. I accept ideas of what to do for a fast appointment. We are both vaccinated with Pfizer 3 shots.





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