My Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer

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My Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer

Hi there my dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer few months ago I've checked many doctors here in Pakistan they said it's last stage can't be treated

They had given sportive medicine

Dad has been able to walk eat and sleep

But now he can't move or standup unable to speak too is there any hope that possible to get my dad speak or able to walk 

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Re: My Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer

So sorry to hear about your father..

I can't really offer any advice. 

If he has seen good doctor's and they all agree that there isn't much they can do to cure him all you can do is try to make every day as good as possible. 

I went through this with my mom. 

Keep researching.  Maybe you will find something that can help your father.  Reach out to the doctor's for advice. 

Stay strong and make sure you have help to help you 


Re: My Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer

Hi Malik, sorry to hear about your fathers health. Staying positive has helped me alot. However, I've been aware since I was first diagnosed that there is slim chance of remission. There are some modern treatments that have helped to reduce the tumors and in a few cases what appeared to be complete removal. The tumors have always returned in my case. I suggest that you research TACE and various kinds of 'ablation'. TACE has been the most successful for me and I've heard of some patients reieving it 3 or 4 times. The most successful of course is transplant with a very high survival rate these days. Best wishes to you and your dad.

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