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Hi Ridgy, 

My husband & I were looking into this yesterday via the taxation dept & the gist of it is you can only claim access to your Super if you have a prognosis of upto 24 months life expectancy.   As you said, this has to be confirmed by your specialist & GP.    They don’t like you having access to your money 💰



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As long as you are not considered terminal, i have just called to buy travel insurance for us but as my husband it termainal simply travel insurance will not cover us, we have a policy for a year thgat is about to run out and it is with QBE but they have since sold to NIB, we got travel insuarnce with them and it just doesn't cover anything to do with his cancer which is fine we just want to have peace of mind for anything else, hubby is stil very well and treatment s working and his cancer has been stable for nearly 2 years, he could live for 10 years with this cancer, i can't see why more travel insuarnce companies just cover you for everything but the cancer we are ok with that, we wouldn't travel unless he is well anyway.

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