oral chemo treatment

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oral chemo treatment

Good evening, 

I am being tested to see if I can have oral chemotherapy treatment. I am hopeful that I can have this. I wonder if anyone has feedback on the side effects? 


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Re: oral chemo treatment

Hi @LottiePKemp ,


Welcome to this wonderful support site.


 I hope that I am comprehending your question correctly - my apologies if not…


There are many varieties of orally administered cytotoxins (chemotherapy treatments). People with the same type of cancer often receive different cytotoxins. And people on the same treatment regime experience different side effects and different efficacy. 

I received my chemotherapy treatment both orally (daily) and by infusion (drip via cannula into my arm - once every 3 weeks). I never got tested to see if I could receive oral treatment - it was just assumed to be appropriate.


So if you provide more details about your situation, we may be better placed to provide a more detailed and specific response to your question. 

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Re: oral chemo treatment

Yes. More information would be helpful. In general - they all have risks of side effects. But they are a better choice in many instances then broad spectrum chemo and what that can do  to your body… 


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