Travel Insurance 5 years later

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Travel Insurance 5 years later

Found myself feeling quite upset this afternoon after an hour on my mobile trying to get travel insurance from QBE for a 6 week overseas trip in September.

After answering so many personal questions about my health - I've been clear of treatment for cancer since April 2012 but visit my oncologist and surgeon annually plus have a mammogram and untrasound to check all is clear.

So becaue I had cancer and declared it I'm charged an $150 on the premium! (they also refused to cover eye problems after catarract surgery 6 months ago even though its listed as covered in the PDS).

Have others had this happen to them? Seems quite discriminatory to me or do I need to just suck it up and accept thats the way it is now?

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Re: Travel Insurance 5 years later

Sorry to hear of your experience @SandyD Smiley Sad


Have you tried shopping around? Some might have better options.


Can anyone assist Sandy? Have any of you had similar experiences?

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