Bi lateral mastectomy

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Bi lateral mastectomy

Hi, I have breast cancer in left breast.  I have had 6 months of chemo and am due to have a mastectomy and lymph node removal in 6 weeks time and will probably need to follow up with radiation, my tumour is 7 cm so they want to be sure to get all cancer cells.

my question is I'm a double D cup and would like a double mastectomy as I want reconstruction later on when cancer is gone.  My doctor said  a double will not lower risk of cancer developing in other breast so she would not recommend double mastectomy.  I am in public health hospital, but looking at getting private health for the future.

i feel strongly that I want to have matching breasts when reconstructed I want to deal with the cancer first but 1 year after would like reconstruction and other breast removed. 

Anyone else been able to have bilateral mastectomy when cancer is in one breast only. 


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Re: Bi lateral mastectomy

Hi @Chrissy599,


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Sorry to hear what you are going through right now. Might I suggest you give our Connect program a call? We have some volunteers who have been in a similar situation to your own and it might help to chat with someone who has been there.


You can find out more about the program here. You can call our team on 13 11 20 at any time and ask about it.




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Re: Bi lateral mastectomy

Hi sorry you are going through this but i am wondering the same thing. I will, given what I so far know, have a mastectomy for ILC right breast. I have already decided if the worst is the worst, I will have a double. I dont know why your dr told you a double would not reduce the risk!  I have heard that if you have a double the risk is less than 2% I mean if there is no breast, and no breast tissue, how can you get breast cancer! I would seek another opinion. I know its hard in the public health system, I am too, but you still have rights to decide for yourself. Sorry if I havent been any help as I am very much in the dark still myself

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Re: Bi lateral mastectomy

Dear Chrissy,,

First of all sorry to hear of your unfortunate breast cancer experience and one that you share with so many. Myself back in 2004.

like you my Docter was a bit surprised at my choice having the radical mastectomy.

Ask yourself, if it is for future peace of mind as well as the identical reconstruction.

you will find that all Doctors may slightly differ their opinion but it boils down to you. It is your body you live with. It and it isYour choice. Also I have no regrets.

take Care and all the best. Margaret j

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