Breast cancer treatment don't know what to do

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Breast cancer treatment don't know what to do

Hi I'm 50 and in March was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer. I had a mastectomy on my left and due to Covid was unable to have my right mastectomy and recontruction done yet.Specialist put me on tamoxifen but was having trouble coping with foggy brain so after 6 weeks took my off, brain is clear now. Specialist is wanting to me on Zoladex but I'm unsure whether to do this.i really need advice.Im leeding towards having my ovaries out to stop all estrogen in my body. Thank you 

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Re: Breast cancer treatment don't know what to do

Morning @Alicia and welcome to our community!


Sorry to hear some of your surgery has been delayed, COVID has affected a lot of things unfortunately. Have they given any indication if you might be able to have this soon with some surgeries resuming etc?


I'm sending you an email now with some other options ❤️



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