Any private Melbourne gyno-oncologist recommendations?

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Any private Melbourne gyno-oncologist recommendations?



My mum has recurrent stage 4 Ovarian/Peritoneal cancer and she's getting to the end of her treatment options at Peter Mac. So far she's had primary debulking and chemo, then an immunotherapy trial, and now PARP inhibitors. Her CA125 is starting to creep back up on the PARPs and she thinks that Peter Mac are going to throw the towel in soon, but she doesn't want to stop fighting.


So we're wondering if anyone has had a great experience with a private Gyno-Oncologist anywhere around Melbourne who she could consult with? Particularly any who have been willing to treat in ways or when the public health system won't.


Thank you so much for your help and insights.


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Re: Any private Melbourne gyno-oncologist recommendations?

Hi Ellen1,

I'm sorry to hear about your Mum. This is very hard on everyone involved.

I'm not in Melbourne so I can't recommend anyone, but hopefully someone will see your post soon and recommend someone.

Has your Mum considered any complementary therapies in addition to her current treatment?



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