Late side effects or re-occurance

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Late side effects or re-occurance

Hi all,


Finished my treatment (35 Radiation and 3 Chemo) on the 27 November 2020. 


The past 3 months have been great. Gradually got 50-75% of my taste back, all my saliva back,  exercising daily and no swallowing issues).


Two weeks ago my neck started to swell and my jaw and tongue became slight stiff. I started gently manual  drainage massage and the fluid subsided but the swelling and stiffness is still there.


I had my 3 months PET scan this week and the disease has gone from my lymph nodes and tonsils however there is some activity in my jaw and tongue.


All the literature indicates late side effects. Has anyone else experience these late side effects?


Follow up with ENT next week and another PET scan in 6 weeks.


Is this 

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Re: Late side effects or re-occurance

I don't have any answer for this. Kinda hoping someone does.
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