Preventing Cancer in the first place

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Preventing Cancer in the first place

Hi, this is something that i think of often. And just wander if anyone out there in the Cancer community particular in the scientific research has ever pondered the following. I would love a response. 

For example I regularly enjoy Coke No sugar which I know is not that good but it’s the caffeine I need. 

The chemotherapy (the cocktail of chemicals) is there to eradicate the tumor from the average cancer patient. Has anyone ever considered putting a small dose of whatever that cancer emitting drugs are, into a drink so we, the people yet to be diagnosed with cancer, into a regular type drink so we can keep cancer at bay? Has this ever been considered at all? Maybe we would have many more people walking around cancer free (possible thinning of hair)  if we could put that drink into the ‘corner store’. What do you think? 

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Re: Preventing Cancer in the first place

Everyone has cancer cells already and some cancer diagnoses are hereditary so I don't know if we can do that.
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