Lets talk about Lymphoedema

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Lets talk about Lymphoedema

Have you ever experienced lymphoedema? We'd love to hear about your experience, as sharing your story helps others who may be going through the same or similar Heart


What is Lymphoedema?

It's a swelling, known as oedema, that happens when lymph fluid bulds up in tissues beneath the skin. It generally comes about when someone's lymphatic system isn't working as it should in that area of the body, such as an arm or leg, though it can appear elsewhere as well.


There are two types...

  • Primary lymphoedema is usually due to having an underdeveloped lymphatic system.
  • Secondary lymphoedema results from damage to the lymphatic system, which can include during or after cancer treatment.


You can find out a bit more about this painful condition with the following:

It is also important that you take care of yourself and your emotional wellbeing if you are suffering from lymphoedema.


The following publications may also be of assistance:

You can ring 13 11 20 and ask for a hard copy of the above, or send me a private message and I'll arrange for them to be sent out Smiley Happy 


*March is Lymphoedema Awareness Month and today, March 6th, is World Lymphoedema Awareness Day

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Re: Lets talk about Lymphoedema

Here's a link to a great blog post published by Cancer Council NSW as well this week: 

Why we need to act on Lymphoedema

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Re: Lets talk about Lymphoedema

Hi Kate,


yes I have the swelling in my leg (lymphoedema, I have had high grade spinal cell sarcome last year and had the massive surgery to get it removed and my leg reconstructed.  With this they found that the lymph nodes were compromised in radiation (28 rounds) and the surgery.  My leg is always larger than the other and the knee is always swollen and sore.  I have to wear a compression stocking from my toes right to my groin with the garment fitting around my waist.  It is difficult getting on and off and using rubber gloves does help.  I do the drainage therapy but honestly at a cost of $95 each time I find that I don't go probably as often as I should.  I keep getting told by my surgeon that in time they hope that the swelling will go but it is horrid especially during the warmer weather to wear the stocking.  I recently went overseas and I did wear the stocking during the flight and  moved around the plane but wearing it in the heat was not enjoyable, I am just praying for the day when it goes back to some what of a normal size and I no longer have to use the compression stocking.


cheers to everyone who reads this and i can empathise with anyone who is having similar problems.



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