Melonoma-yervoy and ketruda


Melonoma-yervoy and ketruda

I have stage 4 melonoma in left leg to thigh,have been on treatment since 2012,It has been a journey

5 times in hospital in 2016.Ketruda does cause side effects re immun system.I now have pain right side at waist level,could be siaticca,arthritis etc and other issues.MRI and PET scan show no spreading and all ok.Would appreciate comments from other melonoma/ketruda patients ......


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Re: Melonoma-yervoy and ketruda

Hi @John and welcome to the community!


So sorry to hear of the symptoms and pain you have been experiencing, though you have had good news re your scans.


Has anyone else experienced what John has been going through or something similar?


Kind Regards,

Kate - Online Community Manager

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