My poo smells foul again

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My poo smells foul again

Hi There,

I am getting concerned with my poo smelling foul as it smelt before my bowel surgery. I am close to 3 months past surgery now, and it was T2C,N0. Doctors said I don't need chemo so I stuck with it.

Bowel habit has been unusual since surgery but manageable so far. Lots of grains and seeds, and undigested food in the poo to show what I ate earlier- not concerned about that.

Now I am noticing a foul smell when I pass stool and I am feeling concerned. I don't think it smelt like that after the surgery until now (but may also be that I did not notice). Rectum also feels a bit itchy and I feel like I am constipated. Poo consistency is ok but I have to strain a bit to get it started.

Any experience? should I be concerned?

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Re: My poo smells foul again

Hi Staypositive,


I always say -" If in doubt, sus  it out! ".  Go see your GP, because it's better to be safe than sorry , especially if you have any concerns.  The fact that you have noticed a change is a reason  to have things checked out.


I wish you well.



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