Not As I feared

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Not As I feared

Update, Week 9 after Zap&Rad...

   Happy to report that most of my taste buds are on line!

   The Radio Neck burns area around my collar is fully healed but still tender.  My back has been extremely sensitive, as if sunburned all week...but I think its a function of skin sloughing off (I call it Leopard skin, as my back is all splotchy).   I am guilty of spending a lot of time in the Arizona sun...sometimes forgetting to shirt up...but I do minimize exposure compared to doing outdoor projects for hours in just Speedos...

  This week was mostly Super Sore muscle wise from really overdoing weights and cleaning up the yard at Sis.  I mean like three days of simply twitching a muscle at night made me groan.  Three days later I feel more...solid but I suspect instead of gaining mass I actually tore up tissue.

    This morning woke up with swollen neck, mostly left side (oppositte cancer side) which is new, so we'll keep track.

    Otherwise bracing for a slow recovery...but better than I feared.


  Joe AzTrucker

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Re: Not As I feared

Good to hear your recovery is progressing @Azjoetrucker!


How have you been this week?




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