Skin reactions to chemo

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Skin reactions to chemo

Hi all,  I just had my second (3 week) chemo cycle and thought I was doing well keeping on top of my side effects - until my scalp appeared to develop folliculitis, followed by a rash with small spots spreading over cheeks, nose and forehead... and acne developing around chin and mouth. All within the last 2 days.

I feel an uncomfortable hot mess and it isn't easy to look at. Not to mention sleep is difficult when you can't put your sore head on a pillow.

I've not much hope of getting anything other than a 'go to your GP' from my oncologist - and I'll try during the week to get in but has anyone out there had any success alleviating these sorts of skin reactions?


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Re: Skin reactions to chemo

Hi Kim77,

Thank you very much for joining the online community. I am sorry to hear about the discomfort caused by your  current chemotherapy.

I would like to share with you a link that provides some information relating to the effects of treatment on your skin.

I hope you find some useful answeres there.


Kind regards


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Re: Skin reactions to chemo

Have you tried using different shampoo and conditioner?

since I started chemo ( now round 10) I only use natural / fragrance free products. 
I really hope your GP will give you better answers and you get to have a good night sleep soon! 

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