Head and neck cancer

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Head and neck cancer

Hi I’m 5 months post treatment for Base of tongue cancer that had spread to 3 lymph nodes in my right neck. I still have thick mucus, not much taste

( everything tastes terrible) I can’t eat bread, pastries or anything claggy without having water on hand. It feels like my throat hole has shrunk and most things get stuck and I feel like I’m choking. So eating is a struggle unless it’s soup or pasta with a lot of sauce on it. My neck is swollen and constantly sore and I have red spots on my chest and back the are constantly itchy should I be concerned about this. I haven’t been able to show my oncologist as all my appointments have been phone consultations and when I explain it I’m told it will go away but I’m worried it could be signs of lymphoma or something. I have had it for about 4-5 weeks now. Does anyone else have or had this after their treatment. I had the 7 weeks of radiation and 3 lots of cisplatin chemotherapy and yes I had every side effect listed to the extreme as my oncologist told me, I lost 26kg so by the end of my treatment I was very frail I only weighed 42kg and struggled to anything at all as I was always fatigued and weak I have put on 4kg and now weigh 46kg 5 months post treatment and things are starting to get better slowly. I would appreciate if anyone has any information for me about this that I can read 

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Re: Head and neck cancer



I'm sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope you are ok. Please seek help if you feel you need it.


There is a bunch of information over here



There is a thread on here that might helpful. There is a lot of information.



There's a head and neck support group (I've no idea how active this is)



I hope some of this helps.



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