Still waiting on Pathology results after Breast Surgery?

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Still waiting on Pathology results after Breast Surgery?


I had breast surgery on the 20th January. 

I have had my results appointment changed 3 times?

Still waiting on pathology results.

My new appt is in March. Wondering why it is taking so long.

Just getting more and more worried. I know I should not but it is hard not too.

My other worry is they have some how lost the breast tissue they have taken???

Anyone else waited this amount of time.

I was advised initially it would be a couple of weeks

Thank you 


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Re: Still waiting on Pathology results after Breast Surgery?


Due to covid-19, many people have put off having check-ups and getting aches and pains checked out.

In my experience this has caused a significant back log of tests.

Depending on where you live and what resources are available in your local area, there may be a significant back log of people who had a biopsy, and are also waiting on results.

If you're worried about this (and it sounds like you are), talk to your doctor and see if he can find out.

He might be able to chase things up and see what is going on.

My test results came back quickly, but then I had my tests at a major cancer center.

But, I agree, a month seems like a long time. It is most certainly worth following up on with your doctor.


Best of luck and let us know how you go.



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Re: Still waiting on Pathology results after Breast Surgery?

I hope you are doing well. 

I'm waiting for my biopsy results to come in. 

I understand that you were going through. 

I believe we go through different stages as we move forward. 

For me I'm in stage 4.

Stage one was finding the lumps 

Stage 2 was waiting on the ultrasound and CT scan results. 

Stage 3 was getting the biopsy. 

Stage four is more waiting. 

5 will be getting results and either being done or deciding if or what treatment I need. 

I'm ok with not having to go through more stages. 

Stay strong 

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