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Hi everyone, 

                          I am wondering if anyone out there is on Sutent target therapy ?

I am in stage 4 Translocational Renal cell carcinoma.

I have had 2 lots of surgery and have been told NO more possible, what is commonly knows as typical chemo does not work on this type of cancer nor does radio. It is apparently rathe rear and not much known about how this medication will work. No trials available due to rarity, to costly for small number of cases.

Side effects are hideous as most are for cancer treatments. 

Anyhow , thanks for a place to maybe find someone else with same type of cancer or using same treatment.

Cheers for now caz1 🙂


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Re: Sutent

Hi caz1,

I just wanted top write to you and say hi and wish you well. I hope everything is going as well as it could be.

Sorry, I can't say that I've had, or know of, anyone that has had that therapy.

Is this for the treatment of kidney cancer?

What is your treatment plan at the moment.




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