Tamoxifen for eostrogen negative cancer?

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Tamoxifen for eostrogen negative cancer?


I have recently finished radiotherapy and chemotherapy for breast cancer.  My cancer was HER2 and Progesterone positive but eostrogen negative. 

However my oncologist has put me onto Tamoxifen, I'm really not sure why he has but the side effects are horrendous.

I'm 41, have 2 children at home and am expected to return to work full time soon, but feel completely overwhelmed by the side effects. I have spoken with him about this and have told him I want to stop taking the tablets. He has asked me to persevere until the end of January at which time he will re-assess. 

I'm not happy about this as my symptoms are debilitating and all I can think is that my cancer was eostrogen negative so why am I putting myself through this.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or could perhaps offer some help/advice?

Pulling what little hair I have out!


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Re: Tamoxifen for eostrogen negative cancer?

Hi Unicornsk8tr,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time.

Has the reassessment by your doctor occurred yet?

How are you going?



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Re: Tamoxifen for eostrogen negative cancer?

Hi Sch,

Thanks for your message.

I did see my doctor on Friday and broke down when I told him I can't continue on the Tamoxifen. He agreed that if my symptoms are so bad I shouldn't take them but he is concerned about recurrence. So he has asked me to be vigilant with my checks and ensure I attend all of my appointments.

To say I'm relieved is an understatement. 

I am feeling better about it now and hope to get back to a normal life soon.

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Re: Tamoxifen for eostrogen negative cancer?

Glad to hear it.

Just stay on top of those appointments!



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