Thyroid cancer with large poorly differentiated papillary carcinoma on my left neck

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Thyroid cancer with large poorly differentiated papillary carcinoma on my left neck

Hi, after a 4 week bout of scratchy voice last September I finally went to my GP who wanting to be thorough ordered CT scans of sinuses and chest. Long story short I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and a 

T4N1B M1 Poorly differentiated papillary carcinoma on there left neck which has spread to my lungs and described as "innumerable spots" with the largest being 20.6mm x 18mm. December 20 saw a 10hr op which removed my thyroid and the poorly differentiated sucker in my neck. 30 days of heavy duty radiation therapy, then followed by radiative iodine which was to have cleaned out the thyroid cancer in my lungs. This failed and it turns out that the lung lesions are related to the poorly differentiated carcinoma and would not respond to RAI so... I'm now on a targeted chemo drug called Lenvatinib (24mg) which has side effects that have turned my previously healing lacerated throat back into the fires of hell... 🥴

I've been on this drug 5 weeks now and will have my next CT in about 10 days time and this will hopefully show no further growth or hopefully a reduction in the size of lesions.

Phew!!! Does anyone out there have any experiences similar to mine?  


Cheers John


Being treated at RB&WH under Dr Brett Hughes

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