Triple negative breast cancer

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Triple negative breast cancer

Hi all,

Its my first post,I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 although I’m a healthy person but living 5 years of continuous stress.

is there anybody there having same type.i would like to feel I’m not alone,feels so lonely and struggling to be strong enough.

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Re: Triple negative breast cancer

Hi @Yasminemk and welcome to the community!


You are most definitely not alone, especially here 💛


Where are you at in your cancer journey right now?


I'm Kate, the Community Manager for the Online Community. I work with Cancer Council.



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Re: Triple negative breast cancer

Hi there. Definitely not alone. I have HER2+ breast cancer. Diagnosed 16th Sept. Had 3 chemos and long road ahead. Still in shock I think.  Adjusting to so many things: no hair, chemo symptoms, financial strain, frustration about less independence etc etc. I'm 52 and had chronic stress for past 8 years. This has changed my life but is not defining it.  Where in your journey are u? Paula:)

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Re: Triple negative breast cancer

Hi Yasminemk,


I'm sorry to hear.

I don't have breast cancer, but I can assure you that you are not alone.

What treatment have you had so far?

Do you have further treatment planned?



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