When will tongue swelling subside after surgery?

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When will tongue swelling subside after surgery?


I underwent a surgery on Oct. 26, 2021 to remove squamous cell carcinoma from under my tongue. As a part of this surgery, the plastic surgeons replaced a section of the tongue with tissue ("flap") from my left arm.


My question: This flap is still swollen and hence hinders my ability to talk and eat. I was just wondering when the tongue flap swelling subsided completely (i.e. for anyone who went through the same procedure.) Did it take just a few weeks or was it months / years?

I don't mind fighting... but I just wanted to know what I am fighting for. I wish everyone the very best.


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Re: When will tongue swelling subside after surgery?

Hi Balaji, sorry I can’t give you any advice as my cancer was different to yours. I hope your medical team can tell you how long before you improve. So sorry your recovery is taking a long time. Love and prayers to you. 💕 Linda G 

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