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Well we finally have all the answers to what I have and what treatments I'm going to go through. 

Its just stage 2 ALK negative large cell lymphoma with some lump in my chest area. 

I start treatment next week.  Chemo one day. 24 hours later I go back for a mixer of other meds.  Once every 3 weeks. I should be finished around late March or early April..

Honesty I'm not looking forward to the maybe side effects. I want to continue to work but my doctor has advised me not to. 

She wants me to go on temporary disability. 

I work around 100's of people..

My cancer has already lowered my immune system.  Treatment will just about wipe it out. 


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Re: Treatment!!!!

Hi Wegotthis. Thanks for letting us know! I’ve actually been thinking of you every day and wondering how you are. At least you have a plan now. We all react so differently to the chemo and hopefully it won’t be too difficult for you. All the best, prayers and love coming from me🙏💕. Linda G 


Re: Treatment!!!!

Hi WeGotThis.

good that you have some answers now. What you have and what treatments you'll be having. However, I still find this quite difficult to deal with. For me, I always seem to be waiting for another test, another test result, how the meds are working and so on.  Its almost a full time job managing the meds, tests and various doctors appointments. Whatever you decide regarding work, I hope it works out. There may be some risk associated with 'C19' in your workplace and your immune system. I believe work definitely has a place in treatment and meds recovery in that it keeps the mental focus on other things, along with good diet, active lifestyle and sleep.


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