Yesterday was one year since my partner was diagnosed with GBM. I was planning to have a little celebration with him. Unfortunately, he wanted to go to the G with his brother. I was so mad but let him go and have some fun. They love having good old boys time at the G in the members' area having good food and wine while watching footy or cricket. I can't believe this is someone whose oncologist nearly admitted him to the hospital last Monday as he was in a bad shape when he went to the hospital for his appointment. He spent the whole week in bed and struggled to go to the hospital for blood test. On Friday he was so weak and the nurse threaten not to give him chemo as he looked so weak. Well, he's tired but he just got out of the loo for serious business when the nurse came and got him. What do you expect? Anyway, the boys had too much of a good time. My partner came home drunk (first time ever I've seen him drunk) and missed a step on the front veranda, fell over and got a cut on his nose. I didn't see when it happened but luckily his brother and his brother's wife were with him. I was inside the house doing the vacuum, came out and saw him on the ground bleeding. We got paramedic to help getting him inside and check him but decided there was nothing to worry. He had another fall last night but picked himself up after a while. I couldn't help him as he's nearly 2.5 times heavier than me. He said he would never get so drunk and be bad like yesterday again :) Well, so much for a year anniversary for someone who was told he had 9-18 months to live initially and now potentially 2-3 months to go.
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