My niece has just been diagnosed with the above. She is only 22. The news is devastating. This is a rare aggressive cancer which only affects 2 in a million. I'm trying to tell the family about different options. I'm not sure what stage she's at. Does anyone have any advice? Are there any survivors out there? Regards, Jocelyn.
hi there, you have come to the right place.. im not sure about this cancer, but if you need support or your niece does this is the right place. Advice would be to just let her cry, be angry, or talk only if she wants to talk about it... take care
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Thanks, Maddie. Jocelyn.
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I looked up that cancer .It is so sad that a young woman of her age gets a cancer .It is hard to say much when you don't know the stage and what treatments will follow. I can say that you will find much support here. Keep us up to date.
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I am so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prays are with her. sending hugs as well((((-)))) Lizzie
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