Hi All, Next week will be my final chemo. I am looking forward to being able to know that as I begin to feel better I will know that there is no more getting to the feeling good stage and having to go back to square one again. This time I will be feeling better and better and eventually back to normal, which I can't even remember anymore, and taste, oh yes, to have normal taste instead of the metallic dragged through the sewer taste. Even chocolate tastes foul. I hope that you are all doing as well as you can and for those who have finished chemo are well on the road to recovery and normalcy, whatever that may be for you. Sergio and I will be taking a few days off either at the end of August or early October to celebrate the end of chemo and the beginning of a nice new normal. I am also looking forward to going back to work too. I have missed those cats that I was looking after. Hugs to all Crazy cat lady - Elayne
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Hoping you get back to normal soon . Enjoy your holiday after chemo!.
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It has been a while, but chemo is finished and we have been on our short holiday, getting back home this afternoon. It was great to get away. Since finishing chemo I started volunteering at work for a few weeks before going back to paid work. I needed to know that I could handle the work again. I can, but thought that I would be eased back into working, but no, I have been given one of the most full-on shifts there is. So far I have been able to manage it but on Saturday I am supposed to do 8hrs of work in 6hrs. That's hard for a fit and healthy person. Doesn't matter, I love it anyway. Next week I will be starting on my second hormone treatment. The first one, Femara, didn't agree with my heart, so lets hope that the new one will be good. The painful stiff fingers are no fun though, but I'm sure it wont be as bad as chemo. Hoping that everyone is doing well and managing whatever comes your way.
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