Does anyone out there find it so hard to be happy for others when deep down us as cancer patients have to struggle with fear,mortality,reoccurance etc....? I as a breast cancer survivor (age of diagnosis 31) find it very difficult to come to terms with people so shallow,self absorbed,moving on with ther lives with plans such as having a family and not worrying and dealing with cancer all the time, while my life is in a TIME WARP.... Is this a normal feeling i am feeling? I just want to know anyone who feels this way or has felt this way at anytime? I just can't cope with people's pathetic behaviours and i don't put up with crap anymore like i used too, i have changed so much i am starting to scare myself and distancing myself with friends and family's who's lives are going so smoothly that i feel so angry, jealous, sad, frustrated with my life and asking myself how did this happen to me???
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