While waiting for the appointment letter for the lung surgeon, I receive an appointment letter for the Breast Clinic at Fiona Stanley Hospital.


How did I get an appointment there? I went, this is great, now my lung and breasts will be done at the same place, that is if anything is on the breast. SKG seem to think so.  They said I need a biopsy on both breasts.


I attended the clinic, I explain to them that I already had the ultrasound and mamogram a few weeks ago, I have a copy of the letter from SKG.


They request the images from SKG to be emailed.  What should of took 10 mins took them about 1 and  1/2 hours.


The doctor decided she wanted to to an ultra sound on me, and did.

Doctor said there is nothing there at all.

Also, the PET scan I had for the Lung Cancer would of  showed up radio active blobs in my breasts.


Thanks you SKG for all the worry, and thank you Fiona Stanley Hospital for telling me my breasts are fine.


I went to work the next day smiling and telling people i have healthy breasts!!!  Some thought I was going crazy, but those that knew, were happy for me.


I only have the lung worry about.


Rang the family and told them.  We are all so relieved.

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