I received an appointment letter to see the Lung Surgeon on the 8th of May, Finally!!

This appointment was then rescheduled to the 22nd May, I hate waiting.

This appointment was then rescheduled to the 29th May.


There are only 3 surgeons in WA that do this operation.  My surgeon has not done one for a while as usually when the Lung Cancer is discovered, it has spread, and the operation cannot be performed.


He looked at the dates that the Cancer was found, and commented that I should of seen him straight away!! If the cancer has spread, he cannot operate and will just sew me back up.


He told me 1 out of 10 people can be operated on, and I am very lucky for it to of been accidently found.

He said my results from the respirotory clinic were good, I was 53 and otherwise healthy, so he will operate, and remove the lobe of the lung with the cancer, and the infected lymph node.  He will also put the camera back down to see if anything has spread.


He will open me up under my right arm and cut to the back, he will the open my ribs and work on the lung. He was very positive.


I then had to see the Nurse to book me in for the operation.

She said I cannot have it done at FSH until 24th July!!! Your kidding right!!!

I then told her I have HBF, she saw the doctor, and he said he can operate on me on 7th June at The Mount.  All booked in, i must go to the hospital on the 6th, so they can give me a heparin infusing.  I will come off the warfarin, and he can control the blood through the drip.


Very anxious now, I am going in hospital in a week and a half, he is taking some of my lung.


Because of the time, what if it has spread, and he cant operate.

what if something goes wrong, and I dont wake up after the op.


I was scared before, but now I am petrified.


I let everyone know the date, I am positive, I will fight this, and I will win.

My husband looks really stressed, I have never seen him like this before.

We need to talk.

I try talking about 'if somethig happens.....' but he just says nothing will happen.

I like to be prepared just in case.

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