Thank goodness I staying in HBF.  i was going to cancel at $204 per fortnight and we didnt really use it.

I arrived at The Mount and had my clinic appointment where the Nurse told me what was going to happen before and afterwards.  She was very friendly and made up relaxed.  She said the surgeon needs me to have another chest xray before the operation and handed me the form.  She told me the imaging place is on the next level...i stopped and thought about this.... I am not admitted yet, therefore I am an out patient and HBF will not cover the xray.  I asked if I can have the xray after I am admitted, and she said yes.  Phew.... saved some money there.


I then went to admissions for 10am, paid the $250 excess on HBF and was admitted.

I was taken up to the ward, it was a bit scarey when I realised my bed was in ICU.  My mind was soon put to rest.  The bed i am in is the overflow bed for the Wandoo Ward, after my operation I will be moved.  A bit inconvenient, as when I get a visitor they have to ask the Nurse to let them in, as the ICU doors are always closed.


There was a family in the ICU lounges, obviosly visitors of a patient, they were very weepy, it was very sad to see.


The nurse came and weighed me again, and put my bands on and went through the standard questions with me.


I did not think it right for me to get into my jammies, so left my clothes on.  I wasnt sick.  The nurses kept asking if I needed anything, but each time i let them know, after the op I will need them, before I am fine, and they are busy, I can find things for myself.


I was taken across to xray, the this only took a few minutes, then back on the ward.  The surgeon came to see me, as did the gas man, I changed into my jammies, and the heparin infusing drip was inserted.  It would stay in my arm until 9am the next morning.


That night in hospital I needed some sleeping tablets, I was very anxious.  My husband came back up that night, as did my daughters and son, my other son was on the rig working, and cannot visit until next week.


I had no appatite for dinner when it arrived, but  later on my husband went and got me some KFC, (a walk into the city, up to William St, thent he 950 bus back to the hospital).  It was late when he left, I could tell he was sad, but didnt want to show it.  Everyone, including me, was sad, but didnt want to show it.


I cried each time they all left, did they cry when they left too?


Parking was available around the hospital, and a City of Perth Car Park accross the road.  Access to and from the Freeways was also close.


My operation was to be at 12 noon tomorrow, a heart patient was to be first off the rank.


I fell asleep that night staring out the window on the lights of the BHP and Rio Tinto Buildings in the city.  Watching the lights on different floors turn off and on, wondering who was in there so late.  Beats counting sheep,!!


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